My Dog Is Itchy From The Chlorine In The Pool. What Can I Do For Her?


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In addition to bathing also apply a conditioning rinse to your dog.  Make sure that both products are for dogs, and the shampoo is soothing--like an oatmeal based shampoo.  Often even the baby shampoos are too drying and irritating for dogs.  Dogs do not need to be bathed as frequently as people and should not be bathed more than once weekly unless treated a specific condition and recommended by your veterinarian.  Dogs do not sweat as we do and stripping their natural oils can lead to dry skin and itching.  The chlorine in the pool can dry out skin even more than water or bathing.
The shampoo will remove the irritating chlorine and soothe with the oatmeal.  The conditioning rinse will add moisture back to the coat and skin reducing the itching.
Fish oil is another thing that is great for a healthy coat in dogs and can reduce itching and swelling.  Contact your veterinarian for an appropriate dose-it is based on weight.
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Yup, that is what I suggest as well. People take showers after they swim in the pool, because the chlorine can be so harsh on the skin. I think your pup will love you for it. If it gets worse, then I suggest you take the pup to the vet. Hope this helps, good luck.
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Since you can wash clorine out with shampoo, you should probably was her.

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