My Mums Yorkshire Terrier Has A Bloodshot Eye,how Can I Treat It?


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Your little dog may have conjunctivitis-a superficial bacterial infection of the eye.  It can cause green/yellow discharge and redness of the white part of the eye.  Some dogs can be painful and will rub at the eye.
It is important to have your dog see a veterinarian to have the eye stained with Fluorescein to make sure the cornea (outer surface of the eye) is intact and there is no corneal ulcer.  If there is no ulcer present then an ophthalmic antibiotic with a steroid can be used.  Steroids can only be used if the cornea is intact; steroids will really help reduce redness and discomfort while the antibiotic will treat the infection.
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If it is only bloodshot, they make eyedrops for dogs. If it persists I would consult a veterinarian as it could be something more serious. I hope all goes well.
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I see on this page two ads for dog eye treatments.  One says for Dog Pink Eye, and the other says Dog Eye Infection Remedy.  You might try clicking on them and seeing if it give you the info or a product you need.  It's right above Kaysnd7's answer.  Good luck.

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