When Crate Training, Are You Suppose To Put Each Puppy (littermates) In Separate Crates? Do They Need Their Own Space?


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Usually each puppy is crate trained separately.  Often this is due to adult dog size or concerns about interdog aggression while unsupervised.  You have not done anything wrong by keeping them together--it sounds like it has worked great for a year!
The first thing I would do is take your dog to the veterinarian for an exam and a urinalysis to rule out any medical cause for inappropriate urination.  If there is no medical reason then we are left with behavior.  Around 1-2 years is when puppies reach full adulthood, this can be a time when the dominance hierarchy is established or changed.  Make sure you have identified which dog is inappropriately urinating--most likely it is the submissive dog.  In that case separating the dogs may solve the problem.  Also look for any other environmental changes, changes to the routine or stress that may be causing this abnormal behavior.
Good luck!
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I have two 6 months old puppies, they are sisters.  I am presently crate training them and from my experience with this I cage them seperate but side by side.  Also you have probably noticed that what one puppy does usually the other puppy does so if one is urinating in the crate, its teaching the other to do it.  You say 1 keeps urinating, were you didnt specify if it is one imparticular, do you know forsure if it is that same puppy all the time or could it be both...I don't know.  Also the other puppy has to sleap in the others urine and they should have some of there own space.  Good luck with that.

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