Would Sea Water Affect My Dog ? How? She Is Trying To Pee Alot And Crying.


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Extreme dehydration, nausea and disease are all possibilities. Give her fresh water and no food. Call the vet immediately for advice. Just imagine what everyone told you in your childhood about drinking seawater.
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Hello there.
A vet once told me that you can always make ice cubes out of pedilite and give you pet stage 2 baby food  ham veal chicken. GIVE IT A TRY can't HURT   
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You can go to www.Pet.JustAnswer.com, or www.drlarrypetvet.com, or even www.petvet.com. These are all good sites to gather information from. You can even ask the vet a question.
I would think though, that a dog would instinctively know not to drink too much salt water. Hope one of the sites help you, good luck.
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thanks so much for your thoughts. I went to some of those sites and they want a credit card and payment so I thought not. My dog is feeling a little better today and me being a nurse , I think the salt was too much and she's trying to dilute it by drinking a lot and has to pee more . I just hope it totally resolves by morning. She's a sensitive dog and a lot of salt water has irritated her stomach and digestive system along with her electrolyte balance. It's a tricky thing . Just can't let her drink ocean water too much.
It can get really serious I think . Thanks again

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