What Kingdom Does Chihuahuas Belong To?


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Domain = Eukarya
Kingdom = Animalia (animals)
Phylum = Chordata
Subphylum = Vertebrata (vertebrates …meaning animals with backbones)
Class = Mammalia (mammals …meaning animals which nurse or give milk to their young)
Order = Carnivora
Family = Canidae (includes dogs, wolves, coyotes, jackals and foxes)
Genus = Canis (includes dogs, wolves, coyotes and jackals)
Species = Canis lupus familiaris

All domestic dogs of every breed are considered to be a subspecies to the Grey wolf. The Grey wolf is Canis lupus and the dog is Canis lupus familiaris.
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Kingdom Animalia  
Phylum Chordata  
Subphylum Vertebrata  
Class Actinopterygii  
Order Cypriniformes  
Family Cyprinidae  
Species Notropis chihuahua

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