How Long Do Crawfish Live Without Food?


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It can eat vegetables, algae wafers, snails and insects too. You can give thinly cut apples, pumpkin, potatoes and celery (including leaves). Hope you have that.
Well, it does not need to be fed every day. A good feeding schedule would be one to two small pieces of food every two to three days.
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CherokeeRose Carroll
Cawfish like fresh food, but are scavengers and will eat the fleash of other dying or dead fish. They also like worms. I have had Clicker for nearly two years and he has molted twice. He has grwown to be quite a large crawfish. I hope he lives longer than 2 to 2 1/2 years. But I know he has always been happy and he knows he is well taken care of.
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Crawfish's need food every two days put in some tiny apple that are cut into small pieces

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