Where Do Sparrows Live And What Do They Look Like?


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Sparrows live everywhere. You can normally find their nests under the eaves of houses, on ledges of buildings, in signs and light fixtures etc. Following are some sites which give you detail information about Sparrows, there shelter, diet and so on.


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The Old World Sparrows are found in Europe, Africa and Asia, from where early travelers imported some species which became quickly naturalised in the Northern part of America and in Australia. The new world American sparrows, however, are not related to the old world ones except for some physical resemblance. Sparrows are generally small, plump ,brown-grey in color. They have  short tails and stubby  but powerful beaks. They normally eat seeds and worms but some species like the Chestnut Sparrows will virtually eat everything in small quantities. Here is a picture of a typical House Sparrow.

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