What Does It Mean When Your Cat Sits In Your Lap?


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Obviously it’s very sweet when your cat sits in your lap and means that it loves you. It is likely to be that your cat likes your scent, and it is thought that they like to feel the rhythm of your heartbeat and that they really enjoy it.

I mean, if your cat wants to sit in your lap, it obviously shows that he feels safe around you and wants some affection. Your cat knows you're not a stranger, and accepts you as someone safe and friendly. If he's in your lap, just pet him and let him sleep!

What If My Cat Doesn’t Want To Sit In My Lap?
Most cats' behaviour is set when they are a kitten.  If you pick it up and cuddle a lot from say 10 weeks old, they are likely to always like cuddles. Some cats can be quite jumpy around humans and won’t ever sit in your lap, but others will do it at every opportunity.

I’m sure you know your cat pretty well – does he like being around people, or does he prefer the company of other cats? If your cat doesn’t like humans all that much, there’s probably not much you can do.

This doesn’t mean that you’ve done anything wrong - some cats are just a little more friendly than others. When you have a pet like a dog or a cat, you need to remember that they’re quite intelligent, and they have their own personalities. Some will like sitting in your lap, and others won’t.

What about when a cat lays on you?
If your cat is trying to lay right near your neck or your chest, chances are they love the smell of you and see you as their mother figure.  Some cats also love the rhythm of your breathing. I once read that cats love the vibrations they feel through you when you hum or sing.  I've tried it when my cat is lying on me, he loves it and purrs like crazy.
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The cat is comfortable with you, it may have adopted you into its family and has trust in you. They don't typically lay in just anyone's lap.
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Cats are loveable, playful, and sweet companions.....  When they twist up on your lap, this is on the grounds that they think you're worth investing time with. So, you should have to spend time with her.

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