What Health Problems Do Labrador Dogs Especially Tend To Suffer From?


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Joint disorders is the most common problem.

The main joint affected tends to be the hip (hip dysplasia), usually classified as degenerative joint disease or arthrosis. Manifestations are principally lameness and pain. Onset of symptoms is usually after 3 and before 8. Most of the problem is genetic, and if the dog has the genes, the owner can do little to entirely prevent it. That said, there are aggravating factors. Excess calcium in the diet as a puppy, too much protein in the adult diet and obesity, and lots of jumping and running, especially on hard surfaces all make it worse. For this reason it's often advised that Labs never be allowed to over-exert themselves. Swimming though, is an excellent exercise for these dogs.

There is a hip-scoring scheme for Labrador breeders. The idea is to rate the likelihood and severity of hip problems to try to breed this weakness out of the breed, eventually.
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Our 11yr old black has been having many accidents in the house which he NEVER did before and is excessively thirsty and breathing very heavy from time to time for no reason. Any ideas  out there?
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I have a black lab myself. She usually only suffers from alergys. Nothing else. Most of the symptoms are open wounds, sneezing, and my dog SOMETIMES vomits. But most of the time, it will just be her food. It has nothing to do with your dog food, just alergys. So try giving your dog an allergy pill rapped in cheese or peanut-butter. They love peanut-butter!!!
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My Black Lab is 13 and has been having problems with accidents in the house also. She sometimes just "leaks" when she is sleeping. We have had numerous rounds of antibiotics and diagnosis's of E-coli (from licking her rear-end so much), bladder infections and kidney infections. Good luck, because it seems like when it starts like this it is a never ending cycle.

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