How Much Do Teddy Bear Hamsters Eat?


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It really depends. Our teddy bear hamster had a bowl of food in her cage. We saw her eat a little every day. However, they do stuff a lot of food in their cheeks. She usually did this when she would get her caged clean. Then we usually found the food in her little igloo. We had her for a year and we never had to buy another bag of food. Make sure you feed your hamster lots of greens (they love it).

But for the most part, they don't eat a lot. They might shove a lot of food in their cheeks, but they don't eat it all.
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 Teddy bear hamsters can store food way back into their throats/ stomachs. If you see the food disappears quite easily then it could be that. No matter what continue to fill the hamster's feeding dish. If the hamster is is eating it all then he might have abnormal eating habits.
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Usually a bowl a week maybe 2,they don't eat much

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