Why Have My Cat's Paws Turned Bright Pink?


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My cat just went through this. I think I poisoned her with Raid. (Don't ask) She wouldn't eat, threw up every hour for two days. She would hide and was very lethargic. I took her to the vet and had a blood panel done. NOTHING. No sign of toxins, no high liver count. She got an IV and spent the night. She came home the next morning and stopped the puking but was still quiet. I looked up some sites and found one that said to give her  a teaspoon of honey with a teaspoon of water for every twenty pounds. I put it in an oral syringe and gave it to her every two hours. The logic is that the cat goes hypoglycemic and the liver, pancreas start to shut down because of lack of food and H2O. The honey gives the cat an energy boost, enough to eat and drink on their own. You know what, it worked for me. (I can honestly say that I thought my cat was going to die and this was a hail mary.)
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Because your cats  paws are soar from walking around.Try playing with her on grass for 5 weeks and see the results.If this doesn't work see a doctor.

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