Do Cats Get Jealous Of Their Own Kittens?


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Usually not, however cats have been known to get jealous if a new un-related kitten is introduced into the home.

Normally, the mother cat will not get jealous of her kittens, but will still act in a maternal way towards her kittens until they reach sexual maturity.

After the kittens have grown up, and the mother has done her duties, then there is the potential for conflict, however. This probably won't be due to jealousy, but to the cat protecting its territory.

As long as you give both your cat and its kittens plenty of attention, then jealousy should not be a problem.

Can cats get jealous?
  • A cat will certainly be jealous if a new kitten (that is not its own) is introduced into the home. Older cats are very set in their ways, and adjusting to this new and curious ball of fluff could prove difficult. It may also feel as if its territory is being encroached upon.
  • Usually a mother cat will not be jealous of her own kittens, although this can happen. The mother cat's first instincts are the protection and nurturing of her young - and not jealousy of them. Once the mother's duties are over, however, and the kittens have reached sexual maturity, then jealousy could become an issue.
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I believe that they do, I know this from experience. My two-and-a-half-year-old cat, Amber, was getting lots of attention from us while her 4-month-old kitten was watching.

All of a sudden, the kitten jumped up to the TV in front of all of us and was being really cute, and I believe that she was showing off so the attention turned to her. Cats sure do know how to be cute, and they'll use it against you. Hope this helped.

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