Do Cats Get Grub Worms Under Their Skin?


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Although it is rather rare, it is possible for cats to get grub worms under their skin.

Usually, these grub worms are more commonly-associated with rabbits (who are more likely to contract one) but, on occasions, the worms can infect cats.

Kittens are more susceptible to this problem than adult cats, especially in the summer months.

Can grub worms get under a cat's skin?
  • If your cat is infected, the grub worm is most likely to be found in the cat's neck or chest area, and will appear as a small moving bump with a tiny hole in the centre.
  • If the cat has a grub worm in the nose, this could be fatal.
  • This parasite must be removed by a vet, as infections caused by it could have serious consequences. Simply killing the grub worm - or only removing a part of it - would also be dangerous.
  • If you suspect that your pet may have a grub worm under its skin, then you should take your cat to a vet straight away, as your cat will have to undergo a surgical operation.

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