What Is The Life Cycle Of A Peacock?


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Known as one of the most beautiful birds on the planet, the life cycle of a peacock is pretty straight forward. The female lays eggs, this will then hatch into a chick and become a juvenile before the bird finally becomes the adult which is the most popular and well known form of the bird. You may be surprised at how similar this is to the human cycle as we are born, we are children, we are teenagers and then we are adults. Once a peacock has become an adult bird, the life cycle starts all over again with more eggs and more chicks.

You can be sure that you will be able to understand the cycle of these birds very easily as it is one of the most simple cycles around. The life cycle of the peacock is broken down into these certain categories to label the stage at which the bird is at within its life.

When a peacock is at the juvenile stage, they are nearly going to be the same size of the adults and will almost look the same, however they are not going to be at the stage where they can reproduce, and this is what separates the adult birds from those which are younger.

You can be sure that you are going to be able to tell the adult birds from the younger birds as the colors of the feathers are going to be different, and this is very noticeable with regards to the male peacocks as they are the ones which have the predominant tail features which make the birds so different and popular. If you are studying the birds or if you are simply interested there is no doubt that you are going to be able to understand the lives of these birds.
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Peacock is a beautiful and colorful Pheasant which is known for its vibrant blue and green colors and iridescent tails. The life cycle of peacock is pretty simple. It starts when the suitable male gather harems of several females. Each of the female lays three to five eggs. These eggs then hatch and baby peacocks are born. For reference and details see the link below:
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Egg then chick then juvenile then adult.
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A baby peacock then a child peacock then a young adult peacock then a adult peacock
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Ugly duckling then goose then poop heads

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