Do Dogs Get Kidney Stones?


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It could be a "bladder" stone or at least the start of one.

In terms of the urine, that could be a Urinary Tract Infection. Sometimes the urine has more of an odour and and darker color if that is the case. Small stones or sand are usually a sign that your dog has a UTI.

As you say, best bet is to get her off to the vet ASAP as if any blockage occurs, it can cause a lot more pain and suffering.
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Katie Perano
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Hi, I am a vet tech and have been for several years, and I see a LOT of these cases. When there are actual stones that are visible in the urine, it is time for X-Rays! If you do see gritty sand/sugar substances, those are usualy struvite crystal (90% of crystals in urine are these kind), but if these are formed pebble or rock type items, you may be looking at several moderately sized stones or one LARGE stone. About 6 months ago, we pulled out 3 golf ball sized stones out of a labrador (the surgeon and I). Can you imagine trying to pee "sround" a stone that big blocking the urethra? OUCH!!! Definitely a problem, but one that can be reversed and managed given you take her to the vet and don't try to do the cheapest thing. It may become expensive. Best of luck to you.

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