How Long Does A Mother Panda Have Her Baby In Her Stomach?


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Young baby pandas are known to be very friendly and charming, much like the puppies of a house dog. They even like to have their back scratched, if possible!

The female giant panda carries her baby in her stomach anywhere from three and a half months, to five months. When the baby panda is born, it can be very small, and it needs to grow quite a bit before it can start to see the world, and enter it as a being that can survive on its own. Until such time, the mother panda takes care of the baby panda by keeping him or her inside a pouch on her abdomen. As soon as the baby is born, the mother directs her baby to her nipple, where the baby can suckle, and doing this on his own may take about three months, at which time the baby would have opened its eyes, developed its milk teeth, and started to climb on to its mother's back.
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Minimum of 83 days, the longest 181 days.
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3 to six months
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About 5 months

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