How Do Peacocks Reproduce?


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Like most other birds. The male mounts the female ,who reveals her cloaca and the male swiftly puts his cloaca next to hers and transferres  his sperm . In this way the egg if fertilised.
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As any bird does, peacocks (the general term for both genders of the species is 'peafowl') reproduce by mating with the female of their species, that in this case is known as a 'peahen'. They closely resemble the more colorful males, but do not have the raised crest on top of their heads, and do not have the long plumage that the males do (as the males use the plumage to attract a mate, while the female simply gets to pick and choose amongst all the pretty Peacocks). And being birds, they lay eggs, and the female sits the nest to incubate the eggs.
 I hope this is what you were looking for.
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They make passionate love in the forest.  They call and moan all night.

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