How Many Legs Does A Butterfly Have?


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The butterflies have six legs which are also called true legs and there are also ten pro legs. These pro legs help the butterflies to move.
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According to my information as well as other sources, butterfly comprises of six legs. To explain further and make this clear to you that what exactly a butterfly is, butterfly is an insect which can fly. Some butterflies also manage to suck in the slimy and waxy secretions of numerous attractive and scentful flowers. The legs of the butterfly help it to move easily on the petals of the
flowers or on the leaves.
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A butterfly has 6 legs. Butterfly's do not tend to live long.
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Six only
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Six legs
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I'm kinda confused because I raised some morning cloak butterflies and they only seemed to hav 4, but all other butterflies I've raised and seen hav had 6...

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