What Does It Mean When You Keep Seeing Orange Butterflies Everyday? They Are Miles Apart From Each Other.


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There are a couple of meanings associated with seeing the same kind of orange butterfly flying about regularly:

  • You can be living or travelling through an area colonized by a particular type of butterfly
  • This could be a cosmic sign- the world trying to tell you something
What does it mean when you keep seeing orange butterflies everywhere? The scientific explanation would be that your area has attracted a group of orange-colored butterflies (possibly a species like the Painted Lady or the Tortoiseshell).

Butterflies tend to migrate in groups, and constantly looking out for warmer climates and better food sources.

This means it would be uncommon to see the same specie of butterfly concentrated in a specific area or region.

What does seeing orange butterflies mean?

Now that we've got the science out of the way, we can go into looking at what seeing orange butterflies ACTUALLY means.

There are a number of symbolic meanings associated with butterflies; often they are seen as representations of the soul - and the spirits of the deceased.

In other cultures, butterflies are seen as a sign of impending change- a cosmic warning that someone or something new is coming to your life!

Finally, butterflies can also be a symbol of transition. Because beautiful butterflies start life off as repugnant caterpillars- they are often seen as a symbol of transition into something magnificent and wonderful.
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When you see orange butterflies every day, miles apart from each other, they are bringing you good luck.

The distance between them symbolizes the long time of harshness you must endure before the luck (the butterfly) strikes you.

Keep your head up, and be strong, for the road ahead is patchy.
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It means good luck they are spiritual and come from Mexico, and it is telling you that someone might pass away or has crossed over.

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It means you see an orange butterfly every day.
Probably a Monarch butterfly.

Are you looking for some cosmic message in this occurrence?

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