What Can Cause A Bearded Dragon To Have Swollen Eyes, Swollen Throat After Eating And Bloated Body?


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Hopefully a bearded dragon owner will get in touch with you, but in case they don't, this website might help - they mention temperature problems as one possible cause. If  you scroll down a bit you will find it. There is also a forum called beardeddragon.org where you could get in touch with other owners.
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I have checked the beardeddragon.org site and it has not helped....nor has a >$200.00 vet visit with xray and blood work. Thanks for the thoughts though, I was just hoping maybe someone else has come accross this same problem.
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My bearded dragon does the same its normal when it eats thrpugjt gets swollen but in a while it cools down and it inflates because it sucked in air so its all normal I hope this helped

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