Can An Octopus Kill You?


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The octopus name comes from the Greek word Octarovoc, meaning eight legs and inhabits many regions of the ocean, especially the coral reefs.
There are 289 different species of octopus and they are characterized by their eight arms, not tentacles, as most people think they are called. Their arms have suction cups and are a type of muscular mechanism and they have entirely soft bodies with no internal skeleton.

They don't even have protective shell and the only part that is hard is the octopus's beak, similar to a parrot's beak. There is a very good reason why the octopus is soft and that is to enable him to squeeze into small spaces.

Octopuses have short life-span and some species for as little as six months. Larger species may live up to five years. However, reproduction is cause of death. Males can only live for a few months after mating and the female dies shortly after their eggs hatch, because they neglect to eat during the one month period spent taking care of their un-hatched eggs.

Octopusses have three hearts ~ two to pump blood through each of the two gills and the third to pump blood through the body. They are very intelligent creatures and have been known to solve very complex puzzles.

Some species can kill a human, but they will only do this if they feel that they are being threatened. The octopus can eject a black ink in a large cloud and some can inject poison to anyone threatening them.
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No. Not really, contrary to everyone else. Most of them are shy and stay away and if they come up to you, they generally want to play. I know quite a few surfers of the Southern California coast who play with octopus' all the time. Now granted, size does count, but if they feel threatened they eject ink and swim away, not try to strangle the person. The are the smartest invertebrates on Earth, and have rather large brains, though they don't live very long. There is an exception to this and that is the blue ringed Octopus. They are very beautiful (they kind of glow) but very deadly. Other than that, nahhh.
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Yes, it will grab you with it's suction cups on its tentacles and will strangle you until you are almost dead, then will eat your toes while injecting it's poison into your stomach. It will eventually ravenously chew off your head while it let's the rest of you to be eaten by worms and plankton.
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Maybe if it strangles you or eats you duh yea
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Yes, it can.
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Yes it can, if you are in the wrong place at the wrong time!! It can pull you under with it's tentacle that have a VERY similar STRONG SUCTION CUP property. It can kill you very easily... You can possibly drown to!!!! BE careful!!! Thanks for asking please comment and/or reply....
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Yes!!!! The can kill you by doing many things.  Suffocating you, bitting you with their beak, etc.
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Yes, it can drown you and bite you with its beak.  Also, the blue octopus can poison you with its venom.

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