What Dose An Octopus Eat?


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If you ever run into an octopus underwater, it might be a good idea to take off in another direction! Octopuses are not as dangerous as they look or are made out to be, but they can be very unpleasant.

This is due to the bite of the octopus which can be poisonous. An octopus has two very tough jaws that look like the beak of a parrot Not only can the bite be painful, the octopus can inject venom or poison with its bite.

Of course, this venom is very useful to an octopus in getting its dinner. For instance, it can make a crab helpless, and thus easy for the octopus to eat. Crabs, fish, and other living sea animals are the normal diet of an octopus. The animals are captured by the sucking discs and then torn to bits by the jaws. But when an octopus is very hungry, it stops being particular. It will eat practically anything it can capture and tear apart!

What makes an octopus so strange looking are eight tentacles, or arms. The tentacles are long and flexible with rows of suckers on the underside. These suckers enable the octopus to grab and hold very tightly to anything it catches.

The octopus does not use these long tentacles for getting about. In the back of the body there is a funnel-siphon with which it can shoot a stream of water with great force. This enables him to move backwards very quickly.

Did you know that the octopus has been hunted for food since ancient Greek and Roman times? It was considered a great delicacy by the Romans. And even today, Greeks, Italians, and Chinese enjoy eating pickled or dry octopus.
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Crabs, fish and other sea animals.
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Any kind of fish in the sea
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What an octopus eats is another story, the real question is, how can you spell octopus but not DOES??

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