Do Turtles Hibernate?


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Turtles that are purely aquatic do not go in to complete hibernation but go in to a semi hibernation state usually at the bottom of the pool where they may remain for long periods according to the external climate.

Amphibious turtles leave the water and settle in the surrounding moist and grassy land often in burrows. Terrestrial turtles as well as aquatic ones if they are kept in well lit and heated pools or enclosures often do not hibernate but remain active feeding throughout the year. Turtles though unlike tortoises should not be allowed to hibernate in dry places as they need moisture without which they could die from dehydration.

The most favored period of hibernation for turtles like tortoises is from October, when the start displaying visible signs of sluggishness and a marked decrease in appetite, to March when they come out of hibernation. Hibernation in turtles varies according to the species as well as the climate of the place from which they originate.
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Yes. Yes they do. Turtles hide in their shell when winter comes and stays in their shell until spring or summer comes
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A water hiber nates but not in water it'll DIE it'll simply borrow in the earth or in a cave and wait till it's spring to return to a pond or other water source. In your case, you probably have an aquarium with a you.V. Light and heater so there is no need for hibernation.
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Water turtles do hibernate in a garden pond just as the fish do. The pond or the water level must be deep enough so as not to freeze solid. For more information, see the link below:
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Do you leave turtle eggs in water they are water turtles
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