What Was The First Animal On Earth?


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Not everybody accepts the theory of evolution; but according to those who do, animal life (which includes fish, birds, and insects) began more than 500,000,000 years ago, after the earth's surface had cooled and the oceans were formed. Most scientists be have that there was life in the sea before There was any living thing on land. The land had no life for the next 160,000,000 years.

Then strange, fishlike creatures began to come out of the oceans on to the land. At first their movements were very awkward because they, had no legs. They had to use their fins like feet for a long time. After many generations, their fins became legs and feet. While these changes were taking place, the animals still laid their eggs and hatched their young in the water. These walking creatures, whose ancestors were fish-like, developed into "amphibians" (cold blooded animals that live part' of their lives on land after hatching from eggs laid in the water).

In time, some of the early amphibians no longer laid their eggs in the water. When this happened, the amphibians became "reptiles" (cold blooded animals that reproduce by laying their eggs on land).Reptiles ruled the earth for more than 100,000,000 years. Some of the reptiles developed feathers on their bodies, and their forelimbs became wings. In time they learned to fly, and birds came into being. Birds feathers are the result of changes that took place in the reptile scales.

Other reptiles ceased to lay eggs and became mammal-like animals that gave birth to their young. They also became warm-blooded and developed into true mammals.
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The comb jelly fish is believed to be the first creature on earth but there are no fossils of it so we cannot now for sure. Humans will probably not now for quite a while until the significant technology is aqcuired but if it was the comb jelly fish it would've looked a lot different . In the bible it states that the when God created the planets the earth was lifeless then he placed marine then birds then land creatures and then the trees and last humans but science has found out that the earth is 4.3 bil years old land was formed 1.1 bil yrs ago and animal life 500 mil years ago so meaning 7 days in the bible dosent mean seven human days sci ne it says God has no time
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We've not enough data from paleontology to answer such a question with a specific animal. We can, however, guess at what general kind of animal.

Going by Kingdom Animalia:

Biblically, marine life was the first to have been created, followed by birds, then land animals. (Genesis 1:20-25) However, no specifics are given.

If your faith is in evolution, then the jury's going to be out. Permanently, unless some science-fantasy invention is made. But it would have been some form of simple marine life.

I cannot address other faiths, as I've not enough knowledge of their creation accounts.
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Muppet, like a t-rex was the first, it had to be of micro-biotical size such as amoeba's, then several different species would have evolved from them and taken different environments to evolve into other species, eventually you would create the first ANIMAL, but there is no chance of knowing what actualy came first unless you invent a time machine!!!!!!
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The jury is still out on this, but the two leading contenders for the first animal title are poriferans, represented by current day sponges, and  placozoans, represented by the modern species Trochoplax adhaerens. (see )

Physically, placozoans are extremely simple, having bodies comprised of just 5 types of cells.  Some scientists contend that placozoans have descended from more complex creatures, but others say that all other animal phyla are descendants of early placozoans.

Recent genetic studies (see the November/December 2009 issue of Science Illustrated) have shed light--and quite a bit of heat--on this subject.

Biblical accounts hold no answers to this question, especially since there are two mutually exclusive origin stories in Genesis and neither one has any empirical confirmation.
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A new study (2002) has fond that the first animal
on Earth wasn't a complex sponge as most believed
before, but a Comb Jellyfish.  That the Comb Jellyfish
was the first animal to diverge from the base of the *Tree.
*The Tree of Life' is what is used to  show which groups
split off the main trunk on their own evolutionary path.
The first ones being the lowest and closest to the base.*
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The amphibians were
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We don't really know but the fist animal was the triceretops dinosaur is you think as it as wild life it was a jaguar. It depends what country because a jaguar was made in 012!!

Hope it helped boyfriend
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HELLO.. Simple prokaryotic bacteria evolved over time  to become primitive eukaryotes, which then grew into small and simple micchorizae, which then became amphibians.

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