What Animal Lives In the Earth?


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There are many animals that live in the earth, including insects, grubs and worms.

There are many animals that you think might live underground, but most will come up to the surface for at least short durations of time. Rabbits, for example, live in burrows, but they will come up to the surface to feed.

There are many reasons why animals will live in the earth – not only does this environment offer them protection from predators, but it also helps to protect them from extreme temperatures, especially in desert-like areas.

Animals that live permanently underground have evolved over time in order to thrive in that environment. Most of these animals are blind, but have a heightened sense of smell or touch, allowing them to evade capture and capture prey.

Here are some common animals that live in the earth:

1. Bats live underground, usually in caves, and they can be found just about everywhere on earth.

2. Swiflets are birds that actually live underground. Just like bats, these creatures use echolocation in order to find their way around. 

3. Olms are amphibians that live in water and these creatures can actually go up to ten years without having anything to eat. 

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There are two types of animals on earth

1. Human (Most Brutal and to be feared the most)

2. Every other living being. (Innocent and weak)

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