What Is The Difference Between A Cricket And A Grasshopper?


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Well the cricket and grasshopper both are the insects related to one family but there species are different. Both are the plant eating insects and both have hind legs which they use for the leaping purpose.

The difference between them is that the cricket is nocturnal insect, means it is active or works at the night timings. To find a female cricket and warn the male cricket to away from him, the male cricket sings the songs in their voice to communicate with female. Crickets are usually of dark color, which help them to vanish in the dark, or they have pale green or the brown color, which help them to mix-up in the trees of plants.

On the other hand grasshoppers are diurnal insects, means they are active and work at the day timings, grasshoppers usually sit at the high places on trees, so the other grasshoppers can see them and also it can see other grasshoppers. Its eye sight is very sharp and can see from miles. There color is green and they easily mix-up in the plants, but when they jump in the air then their wings give flashy effect, so they can be seen. And also when they jump, they create voice.
There is much other internal body difference between them.
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The difference is the cricket is nocturnal so it dose what it needs to do at night when the grasshopper dose what it needs to do during the day.
There color is also different a cricket is usually darkish and the grasshopper is a greenish or a light brown or gray color
they both eat plants and maybe small insects
there are other things too but too many to list
hope this helps
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When answering this question one must take into effect the drugs they have taken. Do you know how many peppers are in pepperoni. Crickets are black and grasshoppers are green.

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