What Does A Moth Eat Or Drink?


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Moths will surely eat holes in your clothing, they also eat leaves and that could supply water as leaves have a liquid in them.....the best to you
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Moths will eat leaves and that is where they get their water supply. As well, moths are notorious for attaching wool and other clothing, that is why we often put cedar balls in our drawers. Moth balls stink to much, but it you want to keep moths from your garden, as well as cats or rodents, place moth balls around garden a few feet apart and this will help greatly. Had a friend who had a problem with cats, and moth balls did the trick. I don't recommend putting them in clothes unless storing antiques for long period of time
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Thankz for the infor that you have on
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By the way Zahar you also spelled things wrong so you check your spelling too lol and bt is not the abreviation for by the way the correct abreviation is btw. Lol. Just saying.

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