Is It Safe To Swim With Dolphins While Pregnant?


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Well it is safe to swim with the dolphins but if you are pregnant I would recommend you just to take care of yourself and avoid swimming with the dolphins. Because Dolphins are animals you can not predict their behavior they can show any behavior at any circumstances so it is recommendation not to swim with the dolphins. In swimming you might not control yourself of you are pregnant. So any kind of injury to you can be damaged for the new born baby so please just avoid swimming until your delivery so that you can have a beautiful child.

Many people believe that dolphins are cool and calm animals. But they can swim faster than any humans even some professional swimmers can not deal to swim with the dolphins. So do not try this because when you try to swim with the dolphins your body weight which is increased due to the pregnancy. So you cannot control your self with the pace of the dolphins that is why I am telling you not to swim during pregnancy. Animals have unpredictable behavior so you need to be very careful while dealing with them so that you can give birth to child safely.
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I am 6 months pregnant, and just returned from my doctor. She said that swimming with dolphins was not a problem as long as I was snorkeling and not scuba diving. The more I've read and contacted people the more I've learned that it is a VERY low risk activity. Dolphins have a strong maternal nature, and they will be attracted to you if you are pregnant. They have a natural instinct to take care of and protect mothers. It has been noted several times about their interest, curiosity, and gentleness around pregnant women. You have a greater risk of something "bad" happening when you drive your car then going for a snorkel with dolphins.

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