What Are The Genetic Defects In The Yorkie Dogs?


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Yorkies are also prone to dental problems.
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Like many other dogs the Yorkie breed also suffered with the many genetics defects which are found after the birth in these types of dogs. These defects include distichiasis, legg-perthes disease, and hypoplasia of dens, patellar luxation, retinal dysphasia, Porto systemic shunt, bladder stones and tracheal collapse. So these dogs are blessed with these diseases at the time of birth.

Like the distichiasis disease which is arise from the unusual spot at the edge of the eye. Due to which these dogs suffer from tearing, eyes burning, squinting and ulcers. So these are very common diseases which are generally found in the Yorkie dogs. However these many of these diseases can be removed from the medication or by consulting with the professional dog's doctor. Sometimes you have to go for the dog surgery in order to get rid of these diseases.

One of the diseases in the Yorkie is the disorder of spinal cord and this disease can cause the pain especially in neck and other parts of the body. This disease usually can occur at any age of the dog. But mostly it is seen in the growing dogs. The ratio of Leg-Perth disease is usually at the highest in the Yorkie breed.

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