Is There A Breed Of Pitbulls Called Honeybunch?


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No, "Honeybunch" was the name of a female American Pit Bull Terrier, Crenshaw's Honeybunch, a dog out of mostly Boudreaux and Tudor bloodlines. She was the mother of Gr. Ch. Crenshaw's Jeep, who appears in the pedigrees of many "game-bred" dogs. When people speak of "Jeep" dogs or "Redboy" dogs, or "Chinaman" dogs, they're referring to dogs that have those particular dogs as their ancestors. This is comparable to a family tree in humans, like the "Smith" family or the "McDougal" family, or whatever. This is NOT a separate breed of dog, but just a family line.
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this refers to a pedigree...not a breed...pitbulls are of the mastiff nose,blue nose etc refer only to its color not a separate breed...
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Yes honey bunch is a can ask a pitbull or bully expert and they will tell you.

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