Do Catfish Get So Big That They Want To Eat People?


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Well I watched a documentary, and this one was about how catfish can get big enough to eat people. I can't remember the exact location, I think it was in the amazon. Anyways the tribal people were reporting of disaperances of their tribe members, and seeing overlarge catfish. In there tribes it was coustom to burn the dead partially and give the bodies as an offering to the god of water, or something along those lines. It turned out the catfish were feeding off these corpses and growing larger than they should be. This in turn lead to them praying on larger animals such as humans, however it was not proven that the people who went missing were eaten by the catfish. But they caught one and my gosh this was a very large fish. It was like a shark except it was differently shaped, it would be cool to see one overgrown like this in real.
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Is that really a catfish, or is it actually a whale shark?

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