What Is The Social Structure Of A Beehive?


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The honeybee is a socially organized creature. Their organization is so complicated that it can be compared with the human social structure. Essentially, a beehive consists of one queen and few thousands of worker bees. In certain seasons, it may also consist of hundreds to thousands of male bees.

The queen bee lays eggs. It may lay 1,500 eggs per day and more than 250,000 eggs in a single season. The fertilized eggs turn into worker bees or queen bee depending on the requirement of the hive, and fertilized eggs into male bees. But the queen bee is unable to nourish the eggs and infants. These are taken into care by worker bees.

The jobs of the worker bees are very delicately structured. Some of them are engaged to take care of the queen. Some care for the eggs and nourish them with a fluid extract coming from their body. Some of them are busy to maintain the hive by doing cleaning and polishing. Some of them are engaged to collect pollen from flowers, which will then turn into honey.

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