I'm Working All Day But Really Want A Dog. Is It OK To Leave Them Alone For Long Periods Of Time?


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The larger the dog the harder this will be for them. But just as long as you have a routine the dog should be OK. Of course the dog will miss you but the dog knows you will be coming home. Routine is important for dogs of any size. So set one that is right for you and keep it as consistent as you can for the dog. This will give the dog security and if you forget something in your routine (it's funny) the dog won't. Also depending on the size of the dog you may need to have it in it's own personal carrier or a kennel while you're gone so it doesn't chew things in your apartment/home. Dogs do need quality time with their owners and exercise too so keep this in mind as well.
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Most of the dogs will need attention and exercise, but some are more sedentary than others, and require a lot less time. But it seems strange that you would want to own a dog, but then not spend much time with them, unless you just want a guard dog. It is possible to amuse dogs with toys and treats and activities, but these things tend to cost a lot of money as well. Cats on the other hand, generally prefer to be left on their own most of the time, and may be a good alternative in your situation.
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I think what everybody is forgetting is that the dog will need the toilet during the day. So if you have a long day at work that really isn't fair to leave the dog, it is quite clear that your dog might ruin your house... Maybe wait a while for a dog?
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I really want a dog but I am opening a new store. I have a couple of alternatives. There is a screen with a doggie door on it that you can hook to your patio door that lets the dog outside to go to the bathroom. I'm also thinking of getting two dogs so that they will not be alone.
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While many people do buy dogs and leave them alone all day, it really isn't fair on them. Dogs need attention and exercise and without you there to keep them company they are more than likely to develop behaviour problems. For example, chewing your furniture and ruining your house could become a common occurrence.

Many dogs suffer from separation anxiety, especially if they have developed a strong bond with their owner. They do not know that you are coming back and so they panic. A way of getting around this is to hire a pet sitter. If you really want a dog but you are going to be at work all day it is best to leave them with somebody who will be able to look after them during the time that you are away. Have you got a relative who can take the dog in for a while? Have you got a neighbour who could constantly check up on the dog and take them for a walk?

Overall it really isn't fair to buy a dog and then leave it at home all day; you should always find somebody who can look after your dog while you are away.

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