What Is The Longest Snake In The World?


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The longest snake in the world is the python
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I believe that the longest snake in the world is reticulated python. It could grow upto 20-30 feet.
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The longest snake in the entire world is called the python.  
There is a type of the python called the reticulated or regal python, which could be as long as thirty feet.  Its length is its major weapon that the snake uses to hunt its prey.  

First it coils around the victim animal tightly so as to cease its breathing and later on swallows it in one single gulp.  Although the python possesses enough strength to swallow an ox, it does not go for the big animals and in lieu chooses smaller animals, which it could have no trouble swallowing.  

If soon after having its meal, some factor contributes towards disturbing the python, its digestive system could not handle that tension and ergo chunders out the animal it had just swallowed in a whole single piece.  It is not poisonous and the list of its victims does not contain man.  

Mostly pythons reside in trees.  Some of them also like to lie in the water where it is cool and pleasant.  Region wise, pythons are found in the tropics and sometimes also on the outskirts of the Malay region.
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The longest snake is the Titanoboa Cerrejonensis. It can grow to over 43 feet in length. But it's extinct.

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