How Does A Tadpole Become A Frog?


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The time that a tadpole takes to develop into an adult frog varies with each tadpole. Sometimes the process of metamorphosis in form could be as short as two months and on some instances, it could be as long as three years. Frogs lay their eggs in the water and it takes about two weeks for the eggs to hatch into tadpoles. A tadpole has a tail, which it gets rid of as soon as it develops into a frog.

There are several factors that affect the time period that a tadpole takes to develop into a frog. For one, there is the climatic and environmental factor that plays a huge role in determining the time period of the physical metamorphosis of the frog. Tadpoles tend to grow fast in warmer waters than cooler ones. Moreover the species of the frog is also a prime determinant. Some advanced species of frogs have, with time, learned to simplify and shorten the time period of the process of transformation.
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It gets older and grows bigger!!

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