I'm Going On Holiday And Have To Leave My Pet In A Boarding Kennel. I'm A Little Reserved Though. Will My Dog Be Safe?


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It is highly unlikely that something will happen to your pet whilst he/she is in a boarding kennel. Most kennels are approved and they know what they are doing. It is understandable that you would be concerned to leave your dog with a stranger for a week or two surrounded by other dogs, however some boarding kennels can be quite fun for your dog.

It all depends on your budget but if you can spend a fortune on your dog's accommodation, you could put them into a luxury boarding kennel where they get pampered every day. Obviously as with most things, there will be people out there trying to make quick money and these people will not look after your dog the same as somebody in a decent establishment would. So the best way to tell if you are leaving your dog with somebody decent and trustworthy is to ask as many questions as possible. Also, ask to be shown around the kennels. Are they clean? What is the condition of the other dogs? If you don't like it try another one. You will find one to suit your needs eventually!

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