What Causes Toxins In The Intestines?


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There are two main reasons contributing to the formation of toxins in the intestines. Toxin formation in the intestines could be due to the consumption of excessive amounts of food. Many times we eat more than we require, and the intestines are able to digest only the required amounts of food within a specific timeframe. The food that is left over goes on to become spoiled and results in the formation of toxins. This is one of the most commonly seen reasons for toxin formation in the intestines. Another reason for the formation of toxins in the intestines could be an inappropriate diet.

Once the toxins are formed, they in turn become fermented and cause a rise in the number of bacteria in the intestines. Presence of excessive amounts of bacteria in the intestine can lead to intestinal disorders. The best way to avoid formation of toxins in the intestines is to be on a diet that ensures there is no toxin formation. Such a diet would normally include food products that are vegetarian.

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