What Organisms Live On Coral Reefs?


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Coral reefs in the ocean are more like sea anemones or sea jellies. Some people compare coral reefs to giant apartment buildings in New York. A number of coral polyps live together, usually a large number in each apartment. Many other animals live on the Coral reef. Some are: sponges, sea urchins, fish, worms, rays, sharks, octopus, lobsters, sea starts, snails etc. All these animals that live in the coral reef work together as a team. Coral polyps work together in teams of thousands. This team work is referred to as symbiosis. This symbiosis helps the coral reef survive in a way as this symbiosis helps kill parasite and Zooxanthellea.
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Organisms are living this, so living things in coral reefs are starfish, fish and basically water animals.

Did you know?
The Great Barrier Reef is the largest coral reef in the world!
By the way if you didn't know The Great Barrier Reef is in Australia

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