What Are The Biotic And Abiotic Features Of The Coral Reef? Why Is The Ecosystem Important?What Are The Threats To This Ecosystem?What Can We Do To Protect The Ecosystem?


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Biotic Factors
In coral reefs there are lots of:
Corals & Anemones
Crustaceans ( crabs, shrimp lobsters)
Echinoderms (starfish, sea cucumbers, and sea urchins)
There are also many:
Tropical fish ( trigger fish, angelfish, clownfish)
Marine reptiles (sea turtle, sea snakes, marine iguanas)
Rays and possibly sharks ( great white, leopard, hammerhead, tiger, sting ray, manta ray)
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Salinity, swell, temperature
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Coral reefs are some of the biotic components of the ecosystem.
biotic community defines the features of natural systems that are living. Thea ecosystem is important because without the ecosystem, living things (non-living also) will die. Ecosystem is the place where both living and non-living things affect each other.Some of the threats of the ecosystem are: Deforestation, intensive fish culture, intensive farming, and hunting. To protect the ecosystem, me must do one process called Reforestation.

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