What Are The Size, Length And Weight Of A Butterfly?


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A butterfly basically is an insect belonging to the arrangement Lepidoptera, from any of the super families of Hesperioidea or Papolionoidea.

The exact size, length and weight of a butterfly generally keeps differing, but the average size of a butterfly is anywhere between 0.5 to 1 inches, their length is usually between 8 to 12 inches and weight approximately 0.0001 ounce. Butterflies are well known for their extraordinary life cycle transforming from the larval caterpillar phase to a stationary pupal stage, and from an impressive metamorphosis to a recognizable and colourful winged adult shape.

The varied patterns created because of their brilliantly coloured wings and their unpredictable but elegant flight have made butterfly watching a well known hobby. According to Old English the term used for butterflies was buttorfleoge because it was believed that they use to steal milk.
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Size- wingspan: About 1 inch
Weight- about 0.00014 ounces or 500 milligrams
Color- male has gray-brown upper wings and the female has red-brown upper wings

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