Which Small Animals Does The African Grassland Support?


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Grasslands offer a home to a variety of small animals as well as the large ruminant herds and the carnivores that prey on them. There are also smaller carnivores such as striped hyenas and golden jackals. Both of these animals hunt for food but they will also feed on carrion.

The hyenas are able to crack thick bones in their powerful jaws and can hunt in packs to bring down animals much larger than themselves. Jackals tend to be more selective and catch smaller prey such as rodents, birds and lizards.

The grassland trees provide a home for palm squirrels that build nests in the branches, rearing up to three litters per year, Bonnet macaques are also found in grassland areas and they spend nearly all their time in the thorn forests and acacia trees that are there. They are fastidious creatures that seem to do nothing else but pick parasites off each others fur.
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If anyone has any information on any of the animals of the African grassland, and their habits i would be very grateful.

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