What Are The Small Deer Like Animals In Africa?


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The small deer like animals in Africa that you are referring to is likely to be an animal known as the water chevrotain.

  • What is a water chevrotain?
This particular animal is known as a water chevrotain, however, the creature can also be known as Hyemoschus aquaticus. This animal can be found in the western regions of Africa throughout the tropical rainforests.

The animal that inhabits these areas is of a deer-like appearance, as they have a brown coat with a hint of red. The reason their coat is this color is because they can blend into backgrounds during the day, so it acts as a sort of camouflage.

In addition, they have a number of v-shaped markings on their body, which is very recognizable to the eye. Along with those markings they have teeth that are very long and are shaped as fangs.

Furthermore, they weigh approximately 20 pounds and can be as small as 3 feet as opposed to deer, who can grow very tall. Not only are they quite short in comparison, they also have a rather stocky body.

Despite the shortness of their body they do have very long and slender legs. In terms of where they frequent, you are likely to find them near water outlets.

  • What do they eat?
With regards to food, these animals choose to eat plants and leaves; however, they have been known to eat small animals. Also, the water chevrotain is not likely to move from place to place, especially the females as they have a territory of 34 acres.

Male water chevrotain tend to venture out further than the female of their kind. It is unknown as to why they travel more, but it is known for the male water chevrotain to have a territory of about 68 acres.
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Those are called Dik Dik. They stand only about a foot tall and often weigh less than ten pounds- roughly the size of a small Jack Russell terrier. Dik Dik are in the genus Madoqua. The four species that comprise the genus live in southern and eastern Africa.

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Gazelles, Elands, and Gerenuks are all deer-like animals that live in

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