What Size Hole Is In A Cardinal Bird House?


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Cardinals will not generally live in a bird house, however, if you want to attract these beautiful birds to your yard, you can do several things.

Cardinals will make cup nests attached to forks in branches about 2-12 feet off the ground. To attract them, simply increase shrubs and thicket in your yard as this will allow them to build a nest in them. They like nesting in honeysuckle thickets or evergreen trees and shrubs. Rose bushes are also a nice alternative.

If you want to attract them, you can also put up feeders (sunflower seeds are best). They also eat bread, nuts and berries. You can also put up a bird bath, as they enjoy water and will use this in the summer.

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Cardinals use nesting boxes. Picture a cigar box and this is what they look like.
Place them 12" to 18" above the ground in a bushy area. And they will come. I am
watching a female at my feeder as I type.
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What do you think of the idea of cutting a coconut in half. Place the halved coconut 12" to 18" above ground in a bushy area?
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Me and dominik are trying how to make a cardinal birdhouse out of wood on my backyard hanging with a peace of rope.
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Cardinal Bird House

A cardinal creates a nest and would not usually live in a cardinal bird house. Cardinals construct cup nests securely attached to forks of little branches in heavy underbrush or vines from 2 to 10 feet off the ground.

If you are looking to entice cardinals to your backyard, you need to supply them with thickets as well as shrubs for them to live in. They should nest in honeysuckle thickets, small evergreens and shrubs. Additionally they prefer rose bushes.

Cardinals usually do not migrate and can select a location to reside early in life. Throughout mating season they may turn out to be really aggressive in safeguarding their particular reproduction site from other cardinals.

You may also catch the attention of cardinals with bird feeders. Cardinals like sunflower seeds and will toss aside other seeds to locate the sunflower seeds. They should also feed on bread, nuts, berries and peanut butter mix.

Just like other birds, cardinals appreciate water as well as enjoy the supplying of a bird bath during the warm months. There are lots of methods to really encourage the cardinal to live in your yar

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