How Can You Determine If A Rat Terrier Is Pregnant?


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Pregnancy in dogs is more or less the same. The first signs dogs, i.e. Bitches, show of pregnancy are a general change in temperament or mood. The dog will be much lazier and the first visible signs will be a swelling of the nipples. The next thing you can do is feel around the dog's stomach to see if there is a presence of lumps. The safest way to find out is to have the dog x-rayed at a vet.    Only after a period of twenty one days can a vet determine if puppies are present in the form of lumps. After around forty five days an x-ray can be done. This procedure determines the number of puppies by performing a spine count. Generally the belly will start to swell as well if an animal is pregnant.
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We just got a rat terrier puppy she is around 10 months old the previous owners said she hasn't had her first heat what is the normal age for the first heat?

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