What Do You Need To Remove Dew Claws?


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Dew claw removal should be done at 2 to 3 days of age before the formation/connection of this bone occurs. Removal is not necessary of the dew claws, unless it is called for by the breed standard. Many countries have banned this procedure as well as docking and cropping. If it is still permitted by law where you live, and it is called for by the dog's AKC or parent club breed standard - you can have this simple procedure done at your local vet's office. That way you know it is done in a safe and sterile environment - and if anything should go wrong, the vet can handle it quickly.

If you wish to remove them yourself, which I would not recommend for people who are squeemish or inexperienced, go to a medical supply store and purchase a pair of surgical hemostats and surgical gloves. You may also want to purchase a container of styptic powder for any bleeding that may occur (usually minimal in my own experience), and some neosporin or some other type of antibacterial solution for care afterwards. Clamp the hemostat onto the dew claw as close to the leg as possible. With a gloved hand, run your thumb down along the hemostat and push the dew claw free. The bone at this age is not formed and should not pose any resistance. With the clamping cutting off blood flow, it also tends to minimize any potential pain felt. I have not have any reaction to doing this when I had a litter - I had more painful protests when getting their first vaccines adminstered.

You could also ask you vet to show you how to do this - or ask your vet to allow you to sit in the next time they are going to perform this procedure to ensure you know you can handle doing it.

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