My Yorkie Has Been Sick...he's Been Vomiting, Has Had Some Diarrhea And Has Had The Shakes! I Thought That He Was Getting Better Since He Hadn't Vomited For 25hrs & Had Being Acting He's Doing It Again! I Don't Know What To Do?


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You need to take your dog to the vet.  This could be caused by a number of things including infection, parasites, toxins, blockages, dietary indisgresion, or systemic disease.  In the meantime there is not too much you can do for him at home apart from encouraging him to drink fluids.  Dogs that are vomiting and have diarrhoea rapidly lose water and electrolytes.  Try lectade or another oral rehydration solution.
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Call your vet in the morning and make sure the dog is comfortable and has plenty of water out
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Sounds like your pup is really not feeling well. Are you aware of any possibility of poisoning or history of something like liver or kidney problems? If you have given your pup or used anything like OTC meds for us, for flea and tick or deworming meds in the last week or so or are aware of anything he/she may have gotten into please be sure to let your vet know. It could also be something like a bacterial or viral infection or even severe parasite infestation. I hope your baby is okay and feeling better soon.
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Contact vet immediately it sounds as though your dog is a having a severe allergic reaction to something. Don't waste a minute.
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Vomiting can be caused by a lot of things.  We cannot diagnose your dog over the internet.  You will have to take him or her to a vet if the vomiting does not stop soon.

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