What Is The Speed Of A Black Panther?


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What is the speed of blackpanther?
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35mph. Their jaws are super strong and can break turtle shells to eat em'. I'd like to see a battle between a black panther and a hyena. These 2 animals have the strongest jaws on the planet. YES the panther will win in my eyes too but hyenas never roam alone so it would be a frustrating result.  I got to see a fight between a great white shark and a killer whale once that was broadcast on TV documented from a helicopter. This fight took place just feet below the surface of the ocean so the footage was able to seen from a helicopter of the two bodies in action. Who do you think won? Too bad maybe you will see it one day. No sa! Just playin'. I will tell you. . . The killer whale plowed right thru the great white shark with it's teeth and split it in half in one pass without even a hesitation of rebounding weight. I swear to GOD I saw this, so much for the 1970's Steven Spielburg's JAWS movie scaring the crap out of people. JAWS has nothing on a killer whale. It lives up to it's name. Later dude.

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