Do u believe in monsters? Loch Ness? Big Foot ECT?


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hey cameron answered

Not really, but I think cryptozoology is interesting in itself, and I think people should look for those missing links :)

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Call me Z answered

I think “monster” is a relative term. People have often applied this label to things they feared out of ignorance. Lowland Gorillas were once portrayed this way. We know better now.

I certainly do accept that there are the human variety of monsters (Stalin, Jeffrey Dahmer, Vlad the Impaler), but until a specimen of a mythical monster is presented, I don’t put too much value on labels born of fear and naïveté.

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I do not believe in monsters the way you have labeled them. But, there are monsters in our society that do scare me. Don has mentioned a few in his answer, those are real monsters.

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Drink my spirits and u will start seeing these monsters

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Yes, I believe in monsters cause we live with them - it is people lol

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