When Was The Last Sighting Of The Loch Ness Monster?


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The Loch Ness Monster, sometimes called Nessie or Ness (Scottish Gaelic: Niseag) is a mysterious and unidentified animal or group of creatures said to inhabit Loch Ness, a large deep freshwater lake near the city of Inverness in northern Scotland. Nessie is usually categorized as a type of Lake Monster. Its disputed "scientific" name, as chosen by the late Sir Peter Scott, is Nessiteras rhombopteryx (which, coincidentally or not, is an anagram of "Monster Hoax by Sir Peter S."). The earliest report is taken from the Life of St. Columba by Adamnan, recorded in the 6th century. It describes how in 565 Columba saved the life of a Pict, who was being supposedly attacked by the monster. The last observation of the Loch Ness monster was made in October 15th 2005 by Robbie Girvan, owner of the Loch Ness Caravan Park at Invermoriston. He took five pictures of a 4 feet high head and neck at 6pm when he was walking his dogs by the loch shore. He said he saw a long neck come out of the water and had time to return to the house, get his camera, and return to take the pictures. Previously a non-believer, he said that the 'dark green and silvery' creature could only have been Nessie.

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