is my male weiro chewing on the nest box in side because he's making it the way he wants it?


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HappyTo BeHereTo Profile

Possibly.  It's hard to tell without observing. 

Some just like to tear stuff up.  My conure needs a constant stream of toys to destroy.  You know you found a good toy, if it doesn't last long.  There are plenty on the market for all size birds.

However, if she's overly aggressive toward the toy, I remove it.  I'm all for a good rip and tear.  That's fun.  But if her eyes pin and she goes overboard, it's counterproductive.  She creates stress instead of releasing it.  As you get to know your birds play, you can easily tell the difference between joyful demolition and anger.

In case he's just gleefully chewing, add a toy that's made to be ripped apart.  You can make your own too.  Look at the ones in the store for inspiration.  Make sure it's safe!  Don't let him get cut or scratched.

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